Couple’s Wedding Shower – Waffle Bar

When my friend Amanda asked me to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding, I was beyond excited! To make things even better, she let me host a couple’s shower for her and her future husband, and I had so much fun coming up with couples shower ideas!

Couples Bridal Shower Ideas

Like every event that I plan, the invitations set the theme of the party. I decided on Pear Tree Greetings’ Simple Strands bridal shower invitation and was able to alter the colors to match the shower’s color scheme.
Simple Strands bridal shower invitation

The Name in Lights yard sign greeted guests, along with a wooden pallet adorned with Simple Strands bridal shower decorations and pictures of the happy couple. The Simple Strands decorations were used throughout the entire event as accessories in mason jars and labels for drinks. After writing down a few date night ideas for the couple, guests grabbed a drink from the bloody mary and juice bars.
Simple Strands bridal shower decorations
Couples Bridal Shower Ideas
Couples Bridal Shower Ideas
Couples Bridal Shower Ideas

Girls Birthday Party – Princess Theme

For my niece’s 4th birthday party she decided to have a princess party. Who am I to disagree with her royal highness? My sister chose A Princess Like Me invitation and a yard sign from Pear Tree Greetings. The invites can be completely customized to any color you wish!

Yard Signs -- Here's The Party

Our next task was to create a huge castle out of cardboard boxes for the guests to walk through. Painted white and adorned with flag banners made from paint chips, this beauty stood outside on the front porch. What a sight to see!

Princess party ideas

For party activities, the girls made necklaces out of colorful beads and played, “Pin the Lips on the Frog.” This was a spin on the classic game, “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.”
Princess party ideas

DIY Craft Ideas – Paper Pinwheel

I love creating DIY craft ideas and this pinwheel made from Pear Tree Greetings free 4th of July printable is so fun and adds the perfect touch to any party! Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Materials needed:

Step 1: Print off Pear Tree Greetings free 4th of July printable.
Step 1

Step 2: Glue the backsides of two party flags together and allow them to dry.
Step 2

Step 3: Cut out a square from the paper (you don’t need to be precise).
Step 3

Step 4: Using a scissors, cut from each corner towards the center of the square, stopping approximately ¼” from the center.
Step 4

Fourth of July Party Ideas Continued

Just because the 4th of July is known for extravagant fireworks, large parades and candy galore, does not mean that you can’t have a small party! I did put a larger party together last month and you can find the article here.

This year, I also opted for a smaller 4th of July party using some products and printables that I recieved from Party On! Designs. I provided my guests with individual wooden boxes full of popcorn, cupcakes with DIY Paper Pinwheels and M&M in clear favor tubes. Not to mention my favorite blue tinted mason jars for the “Firecracker Punch” and another clear mason jar filled with sparklers!

If you want to see more 4th of July photos, check out our facebook page here!

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Fourth of July Party Ideas

Like many Minnesotans, we enjoy spending our weekends up north at our cabin. With the sun shining and the lake in the background, this became the perfect location for my Fourth of July party.

I decided on Pear Tree Greetings’ Sparkle in the Sky 4th of July Party Invitations. Their patriotic red, white and blue color scheme became the inspiration for the décor and many of my 4th of July party ideas.

4th of July Party Invitations -- Sparkle in the Sky

My backdrop consisted of a leftover pallet, which I transformed into an American flag by using spray paint. This is a great craft project in which the kids can be included as well! My nieces helped paint the stars onto the American Flag pallet and had a blast doing it. Our cabin also has many antiques, which I was able to include within the décor. An old lantern, mason jars, Coca-cola glasses and wooden sewing organizer added the vintage touches that were needed.

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